How I buy clothes

So, it has occured to me that at least 1/3 of my attire has been purchased as a result of a coffee-encounter. No, not because the caffeine has triggered the "impulse buy" synapes of my brain...

It has more to do with the fact that I cannot seem to hold a cup of joe steady on my commute into work and hence wind up with a first degree burn on my hand and a shirt with a mysterious brown spot on it... sometimes, a very large brown spot.

When the stain is large enough, and the burn not too stingy, I've ran into the local store for a quick wardrobe change in order to save whatever small amount of dignity I have left.

Suffering Artist

In many ways, Death really is a suffering artist. He's skin and bones for Chrissakes!

The Start of Something Good

Oh Death, You Devil! is inspired by Terry Pratchett's character, Death, in his wildly popular Discworld Series... perhaps the most misunderstood entity.

I have wanted to create a comic for many years but always seemed to find something to take me away from the ability to do so. Upon hearing the tragic news of Pratchett's early onset of Alzheimer's Disease, I was reminded that life is truly fleeting, it was time to get my stories out before they were permanantly lost inside.

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